How it all started:

Pascal Hochedé, himself a hotelier.

On the citytrip in 2014 I first came into contact with a hotel application. This was an original digital room directory. This would also be an interesting added value for my business.

After market research this turned out to be extremely expensive.

At the school gate I came into contact with Tim Van der Moer, active in game development. I asked him if he could develop a hotel app.

This proved possible, and there also appeared to be interest in making this bigger.

In this way I also met Szymon Gatner, a regular developer of games, living in Poznan, Poland. He has been working for Tim for years.

As a result, we are linked to Poland, where the three of us have established a company.

This is how Throdi came about.


Horeca Club headquarter office is based out of Poznan in Poland.

We are specialised in designing and developing software and applications for HOtels, REstaurants, CAfes and Clubs.


Headoffice :

 Horeca-Club Sp.z.o.o.

Aleja Niepodleglosci 6

61-874 Poznañ

+48 61 658 07 00

Office open : 

Mon - Fri from 8 AM - 5 PM


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