We offer :

An all-in-one application, for the hotel guest, who assists many of the reception, bartender, etc … duties, which provide the following benefits:

  • An automatic check-in via qr-code scan.
  • Your guest receives all information about his stay on his smart Phone.
  • Get his personal WIFI code.
  • Consultation of the room directory.
  • Your guest is, for example, in the bar and can order a drink from his smart Phone.
  • Your guest is in the room and would have liked room service, yes that is possible too.
  • Your guest must leave quickly and needs a taxi, he can call the taxi himself or order him via his smart Phone.
  • What does the hotel’s restaurant offer, quickly consult the menu, and reserve a table via the smart Phone.
  • Rental of bicycles, for example, book through the application.
  • Breakfast in the room, order it via your smart Phone.
  • Reservation of a favorite and recommended restaurant of the Hotel.
  • A list of all restaurants in the vicinity of the Hotel.
  • A mobility plan for the municipality.
  • Download bicycle routes.
  • Online guard service of pharmacy, dentist, doctor, …
  • Online purchase via the application of e.g. train tickets.
  • You can book a room directly through Throdi afterwards.
  • View your account at any time.
  • An easy check-out with the bill that appears on the screen
  • Offered, different languages
  • Enz …

All services and useful information in one application, and operated, can be consulted by the hotelier from his computer, via the Throdi dashboard. The dashboard is also linked via a channel manager (pms link) to your own cash register system, booking planner, own reservation module, … which offers the possibility to manage everything from ONE master dashboard.

As a hotelier you can decide which services you activate. Throdi does not replace, but it relieves the work of the reception.

The hotelier can also forward the police ticket automatically.

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