Why would you choose Throdi as a hotelier?

Throdi, the most innovative FREE downloadable Hotel application that offers all in one to the hotel guest.

It gives the hotel guest the freedom to operate and consult everything and everywhere. Combined with mobile connectivity, a hyper-personalized experience is offered to hotel guests of the next generation.

Wherever the hotel guest is, he manages his activities from his own Smart Phone or Tablet and this without problems 24/7.


All info :

  • about the Hotel.
  • about the region, events, shopping, markets, etc …
  • about his stay.
  • WiFi, door code.
  • City plan, mobility plan.
  • Doctors, pharmacists on duty.
  • Digital room directory (if digital paper version can be omitted from the room).
  • Realtime consultation of hotel expenses.
  • Throdi application free to download in the stores.
  • And more….

Return on investment :

  • Making your own web shop through E-Commerce has the potential to create more sales
  • Search and book a hotel with the reservation module, book directly, better price, 0% commission.

Management solution :

  • The hotelier can indicate his favorite restaurants, so the hotel guest can reserve his table directly and the restaurant owner knows which hotel the guests will come from.
  • The reservations and orders of your hotel services
  • Book directly with the reservation module, book directly, better price, 0% commission.
  • A list of restaurants, hairdressers, beauty & wellness, private sauna, etc. in the region of the hotel that the guest can consult and reserve.
  • Order a taxi.
  • Bicycles and golfcar rentals.
  • ukeBox animation, in the jukebox mode the customer can take control with his SmartPhone, can put his own chosen music in the queue.
  • Police card can be forwarded automatically.

RoutePlanner :

  • Do you wish your (hotel) customers to offer beautiful walks or bike rides starting at your door?
    Throdi offers you an excellent solution in collaboration with RouteYou. You can make your choice from more than 100 000 recommendations full of information along the walks or bike rides. And that in multiple languages. Or you can create your own unique route (or have it put together) for your customers.
    Your customers are guided through the routes from your hotel and safely back to your hotel. And that on their own phone via a free app.

Uniformity = one application for everyone

Recognizable worldwide!


The Throdi application operated by a dashboard is suitable for a hotel of 5 rooms as well as for a hotel of 300 rooms. It has been designed by a hotelier to increase additional revenue, customer satisfaction and to achieve better cost efficiencies for hoteliers.
Elevated with new functions, Throdi meets the needs of today’s mobile, digital traveler with greater speed and efficacy.
The hotelier can change and personalize everything according to his own wishes. Everything à la Carte.

Different links with partners:

To make it even easier, we also have agreements with various partners who offer their product and we have incorporated it into Throdi.

Are currently:

  • Digital cycling routes, walking routes, motorcycling.
  • Newspapers, with your existing subscription you can offer the newspaper (s), magazine (s) digitally to all your guests.
  • Local meteocam near the hotel.
  • Route4you, walking, cycling, bike, motor-routes.
  • Tshoko : Manage your musical atmosphere as a hotel guest
  • Shopitag, make e-commerce simple again.

We are always looking for partners.

For the Hotelier there are No entry fees, it is easy to make operational for the hotelier. Everything is easy to operate, and there is also a link from the Channel Manager that automatically enters all reservation data in the dashbaord.

The fee / rent depends on the number of rooms and the average room rate. We do NOT charge a commission on reservations.

There are NO hidden step-in, layout, administration, maintenance or support costs.

Even if we expand, improve or add new features, we offer this free to all our customers.

No extras will be charged.

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