Benefits of a mobile application

The digital revolution is here.

And as a hotelier, you can certainly not ignore the shift in the preferences of guests to mobile hotel apps. Many studies indicate a strong increase in the adoption of mobile technology in hotels. Mobility, made possible by the internet, has changed the game for the hotel industry when it comes to interacting with guests and serving them competently.

Benefits of a mobile application

The advantages of mobile automation for hotels are numerous. While the big hotel chains have already moved, mobile apps have become an operational necessity, even for small and medium-sized hotels. The developments concerning the use and quality of mobile applications are going fast. At the same time as an organization, it offers you an extra platform, everyone now has a mobile phone with or without internet. And they have this phone always and everywhere with them, the more important they can find you via this channel!

Why mobile technology in the hospitality industry is important for your hotel:

  • Fast check-ins, check-outs
  • Complete room control for guests via mobile apps
  • Increase in online bookings
  • Less work pressure on your caretaker
  • Increased gastloyalty
  • Improved efficiency of the staff
  • Time saving
  • Use at any location
  • Work flawlessly
  • Quick access to information
  • More service and customer satisfaction
  • Professional appearance
  • Save money

Mobile apps for the hotels offer great convenience for hotel staff and guests. Because smartphones are everywhere, there is no reason why your staff should not be equipped with it. Let’s find out why.

Faster guest service

Time spent on responding to the question and the request of a guest is a problem area for most hotels. When a guest submits a request, it becomes easy for your mobile employees to immediately follow and respond to this. This process reduces phone calls and multiple interactions.

Responding to the trend

Mobile phones and smartphones have an extraordinary influence on our daily lives. iPhone and Android applications are gaining more and more ground. You as an organization can not stay behind with these developments.

Easily save costs

Mobility in the hotel sector is indeed a time saving and it also reduces operational costs. Your dependence on manpower is reduced, saving you time and saving extra costs on the maintenance of your staff. You can manage multiple departments on the go – household, marketing, sales management, reception, revenue management and more. Your smartphone device gives you access to data anytime, anywhere. Complex tasks have been simplified.

To implement mobility and deploy your employees on a mobile basis, you need to look for a smart cloud-based PMS that brings your hotel management on one platform. As a hotelier you have to take the right step to adopt mobile apps for the hotel. So. Are you ready to make the change?




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