Digital preparation towards the period after corona.

The Throdi application is ready.


In these uncertain times as the current coronavirus crisis, hotels are wise to ensure consistent and transparent communication with their guests. They will appreciate being treated fairly and will remember your hotel and service in the best possible way. To recover from such a crisis and take full advantage of the catch-up effect afterwards, hoteliers should use this time to evaluate new tools that provide the most strategic benefit to their business. Gaining new competitive advantages can strengthen the market position and will certainly pay off in the long term. Use the current coronavirus period to optimize and digitize hotel procedures.

Strategic digital tools that increase operational efficiency, save long-term costs and generate additional revenue should be in particular a priority list of progressive hoteliers.

Throdi app is the solution that improves the guest experience in a hotel, reduces the workload of the staff, eliminates lines at the reception and enables ‘social distance’.

This hotel technology from mobile check-in, mobile key, room service, chat function, etc. to mobile check-out helps hotels improve guest service by enabling guests to manage more elements of their stay from the safety of their own smartphones. 

 Living with the new reality of social distance is likely to accelerate the implementation of smart hotel rooms that allow guests to control all aspects of their room, such as TV, music, temperature, lighting, etc., from their smartphones.


 Assistive technology in space such as tablets, remote controls, cables, etc. will become obsolete.

Throdi offers all hotel facilities and services to be controlled from its own Smart Phone via one free downloadable application. App is adaptable to the corporate identity of your hotel.

Which hotel facilities and services:


All this can be managed with the “one-stop Throdi dashboard”.

The bidirectional link with your PMS system ensures that all this can be consulted and operated via one dashboard. As few links and different logins as possible.

What does it cost?

  • For hotel guests, FREE to download from Apple Store, Google Play for Smartphones and Microsoft Store for laptops.
  • For the hotelier, fixed fee / room / month, no activation costs, only 5 minutes to activate the dashboard.

The Throdi Sales team is happy to support and advise you.

With hospitable regards,

Pascal Hochedé


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