Involve your guests from the moment the booking is confirmed and offer them pre-check-in access to arrival information, all formalities, passport and CC scans, authorization forms and more.

The Throdi dashboard is bi-directionally connected to the PMS.

Reservations are updated automatically.

Follow-up by the reception: reservation is confirmed and a unique PIN / QR code is created and sent to the customer.

Example of email to the customer.

It will be sent in the language specified at the time of reservation. (Nationality)

Customer will receive an email with a link to download the Throdi app and log in already.

Throdi app automatically adopts the language of the customer’s device.

Customer uses the unique PIN / QR code to log in and checks his reservation details.

Reception can see when the customer has logged in and confirmed his stay.

Takes a picture of ID, Passport, Driver’s license, fits his data, overwrites the encrypted email address

to his own address.

All adjustments are adjusted in the dashboard

Photo of ID, Passport, Driver’s license, can be consulted by the reception, printed out.

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