Involve your guests from the moment the booking is confirmed and offer them pre-check-in access to arrival information, all formalities, passport and CC scans, authorization forms and more.






Generate more revenue for each guest with the up-selling by effortlessly offering additional services.


Automatic WiFi connection


Entering the secure WiFi network password is superfluous.

From the moment the app detects that it is in the indicated WiFi environment, it connects.

Check-in -> Check-out



Save valuable time by automating guest communication and coordination, with online check-in and check-out, virtual messaging, order services and more.



The latest version of the Throdi app now offers the hotelier even more possibilities to customize the app.

The personalization is an important asset.

Throdi app becomes ‘your’ app.



With distribution possibility to various portals

Vergelijk – Boek rechtstreeks

Compare and book, direct booking guaranteed the best price