Webinar: Digitalisation of the guest journey

We are pleased to host a new webinar together with Robert Vogt from Guestline, Sylvester Ponsen from U Parkhotel, Dimitri Thirion, president of Brugge Hotels vzw and Horeca West-Vlaanderen, and owner of Boutique Hotel Jan Brito, Maarten Ruijten from HOTEK and Pascal Hochedé from Throdi.
We will discuss each stage of the guest journey. In addition, we will discuss how hoteliers can digitise their processes, reap the benefits and improve the guest experience.
From researching the ideal location and in-stay offers, to check-out upon departure and post-stay communication, our panelists will discuss all the touch points and give hoteliers ways to influence their guest journey, improve the guest experience and drive spend to maximise results.

NOTE: Webinar was recorded in the Dutch language.

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