What investment does Throdi App mean ?What do you get for this ?
Throdi App becomes operational with you at a monthly cost of only 6.50 euros per room*.


For a hotel with 50 rooms this means an investment cost of 325 euros per month.

*from 50 rooms. From 1 to 50 rooms a fixed price will be charged.

 No purchase of additional hardware required.


Your customers download the Throdi App for free from the app-stores.

Unique payback model:

With a sales increase of just 0.43% on an annual basis, Throdi App is paid back.

This increase in turnover is achieved through more up-sell thanks to user-friendliness and awareness via the Throdi App and/or by increasing the number of direct bookings.

What does this mean for your own business?

Contact us HERE (PRICING REQUEST). We will be happy to calculate your personal case for you.


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