Everyone talks about it:

“Guest experience automation”


Make sure you know what the customer wants, when he wants it, how he wants it and where he wants it. Throdi helps you to find out and to serve your guests from start to finish.

The Throdi “one-stop app” ensures that the customer feels personally welcome.

You do not only create an optimal guest experience by increasing material comfort. All hotel facilities and services can be operated from its own Smart Phone via one free downloadable application. The app adapts to the style of your hotel.

Do you want to take the first step towards a better guest experience?

Then Throdi helps you as a hotelier to realize an easy and effective way.

Management of all hotel facilities and services:

  • Pre-stay with data adjustment and Up-selling
  • E-communication
  • Automatic WiFi connection
  • Online check-in
  • Consulting all info
  • Services in hotel and room service
  • Support chat function between guest and reception
  • Online Checkout
  • Review
  • Encourage direct booking
  • Smart TV

All this with the “one-stop Throdi dashboard”.

The bi-directional link with your PMS system ensures that this can all be viewed and operated via one dashboard. As few links and different logins as possible.

The connectivity of the online Cloud software Dashboard with the Throdi application for the guest and with the Housekeeping web application for the hospitality staff is the glue that keeps everyone together and turns misorganiZationand miscommunications into a easy, timely and efficient system.

Via e-mail, the hotel guest receives a login for the Throdi Pré check-in 48 hours before his arrival, this givesyour guests a first holiday feeling, the possibility to make reservations such as cycling, wellness, restaurant, hairdresser, etc. … they are informed of what to do, they can fill in their registration documents before arrival so that they can skip the queues at the reception and access their rooms faster.

Management software that revolutionizes the guest experience

  • More time to communicate with your guests
  • Increase your guest satisfaction
  • Online check-in for a larger guest experience
  • We support 99% of all devices, IOS, Android, Windows, …
  • A new experience when checking in for guests
  • Mobile friendly means happier guests

We appreciate that your team should not be glued to a reception, so with our system you can finally serve your guests, wherever and whenever.

We have developed a fully mobile solution that gives hotels the freedom to serve their guests anywhere in the hotel. Wherever you are, manage your activities from any device and at any time.


The Throdi Full package is what you need to computerize your hotel management!


Uniformity= one application for everyone




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