Housekeeping Software

An advanced cloud-based solution that uses the latest technology to increase guest satisfaction and improve hotel service levels. Throdi dashboard is linked to your Property Management System (PMS).

Here you assign tasks and monitor the activity of the employees.  This handy housekeeping app offers advantages for many different disciplines in the hotel. Below are some examples per discipline.

Front desk:

  • Fully equipped dashboard with the current room status for all roomsKeep an eye on cleaning tasks and change the priority of cleaning the rooms
  • Prevents guests from being sent to a room that hasn’t been cleaned yet
  • “Do Not Disturb Rooms” are immediately visible to the reception


  • Personalized list of allocated rooms per employee
  • Report a “real-time” technical problem to the Technical Service, with a description and photo if necessary
  • Provides a complete and up-to-date picture of the cleaning progress
  • Chat possibilities with the reception, this avoids the many phone calls


  • Instant notification of incoming technical issues
  • Detailed reports of maintenance tasks already performed and reported errors in real time

In short, the Throdi housekeeping app provides great convenience during work in the hotel.

Housekeeper gets his personal tasks

Room is ready for use, housekeeper marks, reception sees that the room is ready and both the reception and housekeeper can send a push message.

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