A 100% customizable APP which brings

customer experience to another level while

creating extra revenue opportunities 

for the Hotelier

      • A unique tool for every hotelier who strives for maximum efficiency with an eye for modernization and respect for corona measures.
      • The complete integration of programs and services in one application: the one-stop-hotelapp.
      • A free app that every guest experiences as very user friendly and that brings together numerous hotel services that he can call upon at any time without having to queue at reception.

Because of the time and efficiency gains, your reception can finally give priority to the more relational, social contact with your customer. A useful form of customer loyalty. Your service will be even better!

Contactless Guest Journey at your hotel

Think about the Guest Journey: from making the reservation to the Post-Holiday.

Explore the Throdi Guest Journey Timeline

Also know that Throdi App is compliant with all GDPR requirements (privacy policy). Thanks to our partnership with GDPRWise.

During pre-check-in, the customer provides you with all arrival information, completes all formalities and provides you with passport and CC scans, authorization forms, etc.

Through the up-selling function you generate more revenue.

And in ‘corona times’ you score with our app:

No more queuing at reception = easier to respect social distancing
Maximum contactlessness thanks to optimal use of your own smartphone

The Throdi app can be downloaded for free from the stores.     

Save costs by using your own PMS, POS and CRM, we easily connect the all-in-one online cloud-based Throdi dashboard with yours

The Throdi housekeeping web app makes it easy to assign tasks and track employee activity. This handy housekeeping app offers benefits for many different disciplines in the hotel.

The online check-out automatically places your hotel in the favorites list, encourages direct booking and ends with an assessment, review, of his stay.

This with a minimum of investment. Throdi pays for itself with only 0.40% sales increase through direct bookings or up-selling.

Prepare your hotel for the future. Decide now to be ready as soon as the business gets back on track.

Good luck.

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With warm greetings,

Pascal Hochedé

CEO & Founder



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