Throdi, the most complete, most innovative all-in-one system!

The Throdi application creates new ways to digitally communicate with guests from the reservation at their home to when they leave the hotel.


Guest makes reservation @ home. (Throdi is connected to the PMS by channel-manager or to the reservation software that the hotel use.)


Sending confirmation whit a log-in PINN code to the guest by e-mail

1. The Throdi application for the hotel guest


Pre-check-in by Throdi @ guest home

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  • Log-in to Throdi and adjust e-mail address, phone if necessary
  • all info you need before the guest do the check-in @ the hotel
  • Collect ID, Passport, Driver license photo
  • Upselling the possibilities that the hotel offers before check-in @ the hotel


Online check-in @ the hotel by Throdi

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  • no purchase required from any device
  • everything from the guest’s smartphone
  • cost saving
  • no queues at the reception
  • a smoother course of check-in
  • more satisfied customers
  • more contact between hotel and hotel guest

 During your stay

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  • Once the guest has checked in it is possible to provide all the service that the hotelier offers and consult all the info about the hotel, events, what to do, etc …
  • Guest can phone to reception by Throdi, the reception see on his screen which room is calling.

Coming soon, Also during your stay

Throdi app integrated into the smart television hotel software

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  • Watch TV via a Zapper Interface
  • EPG online TV guide
  • Option to Video On Demand
  • Link with Guest Mobile device
  • Support for embedded apps (if the TV supports it) such as Netflix, YouTube etc



Online checking out

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  • hotel guest will see bill on his device and can approve it
  • reception asks hotel guest to look up the hotel in Book by Throdi and to place it in favorites, this offers the possibility to Book directly, call directly to the reception, view meteocam.


2. The online cloud software Throdi dashboard


Manage services of the Throdi application

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  • Connected through channel manager to almost all PMS reservation systems
  • Managed the entire Throdi application, such that you, as a hotelier, can fully customize Throdi to your own wishes and standards




3. Throdi housekeeping software


Throdi-housekeeping  online  software

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  • With a separate log-in per room maid, they log in the housekeeping package on a tablet, smartphone.
  • They can indicate when the room will be cleaned and when the room will be ready.

  • suitable for hotel of 5 rooms and of 500 rooms
  • all messages automatically via push message no SMS costs
  • available in all languages, Throdi automatically takes the language of the device.
  • one application for all hotels, does not have to be downloaded back, automatically adjusts if the hotel is a Throdi partner.
  • pricing : from 3.25 € / room / month (no entry fees)
  • ability to personalize it to your own style

Everything à la Carte.

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Throdi Folder

Experience Throdi from the online check-in with upselling, click on book a fictional stay at the Throdi Hotel and get your registration pin code.
To confirm your stay you can use this test credit card:
Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Date: 04 / 20


Full presentation movie about how Throdi works:


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