Who are we?

Beginning of Throdi:

Pascal Hochedé, himself hotelier and CEO of Throdi:

In 2014 I was confronted with a digital ‘room directory’ for the first time during a city trip. My interest was aroused for a more sophisticated version for my own Hotel Les Arcades in Knokke (B).

Together with some partners at home and abroad I started the development of a hotel app. I was able to turn my ideas into reality by appealing to university students in Poland. The foundation of Th(e) ro(om) di(rectory) was laid in Poznan where I also founded my company to compensate the employees.

In order to continue to guarantee professionalism, I entered into a partnership with the Dutch/white Russian company Intosoft. Here 75 developers take care of the further development and support of the Throdi app on a daily basis.

In the meantime, Throdi has become a full-fledged app to give many hoteliers the efficiency and professionalism to which they are entitled. Not only the hotelier but also the customer benefits: a user-friendly tool for all hotel services. The Throdi app now also complements the corona measures by, for example, more easily respecting social distancing at the reception, limiting physical contact with devices to their own smartphone, reserving a table in the restaurant remotely, and so on.

Throdi app is ready for the future, both for the small B&B as well as the hotel chain with multiple entities.

Advantages of a mobile application

The advantages of mobile automation for hotels are numerous. Mobile apps have become an operational necessity, even for small and medium sized hotels.

Developments regarding the use and quality of mobile applications are happening at lightning speed. At the same time, it offers you as an organization an extra platform because nowadays everyone has a cell phone whether or not connected to the internet. And they have this phone with them anytime and anywhere, all the more important that they can find you through this channel too!

Why mobile technology in the hospitality industry is important for your hotel:

  • quick check-in, check-out
  • Complete room control for guests via mobile apps
  • increase in online bookings
  • Less workload for your concierge
  • increased gastloyalty
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • time savings
  • Use at any location
  • faultless working
  • fast access to information
  • more service and customer satisfaction
  • professional appearance
  • cost-saving

Mobile hotel apps offer great convenience for hotel staff and guests alike.

Faster guest service

A recurring problem at many hotels is the time spent responding to the guest’s questions and requests. Digital solutions take this away. Fast and efficient contact is paramount.
Responding to the trend
Cell phones and smartphones have an extraordinary impact on our daily lives. iPhone and Android applications are gaining more and more ground. As a hotelier, you cannot lag behind these developments.

Simple cost savings

Mobility in the hotel sector means saving time and reducing operational costs. It reduces the workload at the reception desk while making them more accessible than before. Your dependence on manpower is reduced, saving you time and saving you extra costs. You can also manage multiple departments – housekeeping, marketing, upselling, revenue management, etc. Complex tasks become easier.

To implement mobility and enable your employees to be mobile, you need to look for a smart cloud-based PMS that brings your hotel management to a single platform. As a hotelier, you need to take the right step to adopt mobile apps for the hotel.

The digital revolution is here.

As a hotelier, you certainly can’t ignore the shift in guest preference towards mobile hotel apps. Many studies point to a strong rise in mobile technology in hotels. Mobility, made possible by the Internet, has changed the hotel industry when it comes to interacting with guests.[:nl]