• A unique tool for any hotelier seeking maximum efficiency with an eye for modernization and respect for corona measures. The complete integration of programs and services in 1 application: the one-stop hotel app.
  • A free app that every guest experiences as very user-friendly and that brings together numerous hotel services that they can call on at any time without having to queue up at reception.

The time and efficiency savings mean that your front desk can finally prioritize the more relatable, social contact with your customer. A useful form of customer loyalty. Your service becomes even better!

Contactless Guest Journey in your hotel

Explore the Throdi Guest Journey Timeline, from making the reservation to the Post-Holiday

Also know that Throdi App is compliant with all GDPR requirements (privacy policy).  Thanks to our partnership with GDPRWise.

The Throdi app is free to download from the stores.                


FREE DEMO, It only takes a few clicks to request a personalized demo. Launch Here

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