A ‘native’ App

Why a ‘native’ App?

A ‘native’ App closely follows the guidelines of specific platforms such as Android, IOS and Microsoft and results in the best user experience in terms of look and feel of your mobile App.

Other not insignificant reasons are :

1. Latest performance

Native apps are much smoother and faster than non-native applications. Because they are built for a specific operating system, these apps take full advantage of the device’s processing speed.

Since native apps are written in programming languages that are fully supported by the ecosystems of their respective platforms, they are also specifically optimized for different screen sizes and system versions.

2. Better security

Compared to hybrid apps, native mobile apps protect users’ private data better. Native apps are protected by multiple layers of an operating system, making them quite difficult to crack.

And because they are released in longer cycles, you can expect more secure and thoroughly tested applications.


3. Scalability

Native app development allows for faster configuration because they are only compatible with a specific platform. This makes it easier for you to make the application compatible between different versions of the platform. Moreover, you can easily use new features when the platform is upgraded.

4. Easy integration with Hardware

Native apps are developed for their specific platform so that they take full advantage of the functions of the given operating systems. These apps have trouble-free access to all the hardware functions of a mobile device, such as GPS, camera, microphone, etc.

5. Stability

Because they are fully supported by tech giants such as Google and Apple (for Android and iOS), native app developers get access to the latest software development kits for developing and maintaining their applications. As a result, they are much more stable and secure in terms of development, support and maintenance.

6. Improved UI/UX

Native apps have direct access to the hardware of the devices, such as the GPS, camera, microphone, etc., so they are smooth and fast in execution. Also, the basic user experience is the same in all native apps, so users will intuitively know how to move around in your app.

All in all, the UI/UX performance of native apps is much better than that of non-native apps.

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