The automation of the guest experience.

The automation of the guest experience.

Digital guest communication is the key to counteracting staff shortages, relieving the workload of employees and meeting guests’ expectations along the entire Guest Journey. A hotelier may wonder what digital solution benefits their business and how it can be integrated in a useful way.

Who are your hotel guests and what are their needs and expectations?

Communicate with your guest prior to their arrival with an automatic message. Answer the most frequently asked questions and provide useful information about your hotel and the area. This service must be essential for every hotelier who wants to increase his guest satisfaction in the long term. In addition, such personalized pre-stay emails are a useful tool to increase your income by offering a higher room category, booking a wellness or offering a table in the restaurant. Collect all relevant data for the registration form. This reduces effort for employees and reduces waiting times at the reception.

The ideal solution is a hotel app that can combine various functions from reservation, up-selling, chat with the reception, automatic connection with Wi-Fi networks, send a push message when, for example, the room is ready for check-in, etc.

For the hotel guest: an application that only needs to be downloaded once for all hotels anywhere in the world and also automatically connects to WiFi networks, so that roaming does not have to be used.

For the hotelier: no need for individual development, only one application that can be adapted to his own house style. This also makes it accessible for small entities.


What does this mean :

An application that is managed by an online software dashboard and linked to the housekeeping software.

1 Connect to the PMS (2-way connection)

– bidirectional connection, if the PMS allows it, ensures real-time data exchange

– both link with cloud based and via FIAS protocol with sandbox

2 Pre-stay email and communication before the guest arrives at the hotel.

– email is sent with unique login

– Have reservation data checked and change the encrypted email to the personal email

– requesting the necessary info, helps the reception of administrative tasks

3 The new generation of upselling per app

– upselling of all services, extras, reservations, …

4 Instay by Throdi app on guest Smartphone

– no purchase of any device required

– Mobile app will receive all wifi networks when Guest open it, store wifi networks and connect to wifi network which is close located to Guest’s device automatically. Mobile app will remove wifi networks data from Guest device after check out.

5 Services in the room, hotel

– integration of door opening systems, home automation, etc.

– hotel guest has all the necessary info, services and account statement on his Smartphone

– direct contact between reception and customer via CHAT

6 Check out online

7 After Stay

– encourages direct booking

– stay in direct contact with your customer

8 What does it cost (ex: hotel of 25 rooms with average room rate of 165 €)

– by growing up-sell sales by 0.37% of your sales, the hire of the application is recouped

– or through the stimulation of direct booking, you can earn back from 8 direct bookings per month

– fixed rent per month, per room, no activation or entry costs

9 Applicatie and Smart TV: (coming soon in development)

– Watch TV through a Zapper Interface

– EPG online TV guide

– Link with Guest Mobile device

– Support for embeded apps, such as Netflix, Youtube, etc

About the author:

Pascal Hochedé is Ceo, founder of Throdi Sp.z o.o. and hotelier. Developing the Throdi application for 4 years. The Throdi application enables automated communication throughout the customer journey to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, optimize processes and maximize revenue.


Update throdi “What’s new!”

What’s new in the Throdi application:


The elevator notification : The hotelier can communicate a message like he shows it in the elevator to communicate with the guest of the hotel and it appears on the full screen.


Newspapers and magazines : the hotelier can offer his existing subscriptions digitally in a way that every hotel guest can read at any time.


On the way : the hotelier offers routes to his customers, such as cycling, walking, with inline skates, the motorcycle, on horseback ….


E-Shop : with this integrated webshop you can let your customers buy (regional) products through the channels they already visit today.


Languages : the application takes over the language set on the phone, the user no longer has to set the language himself.


Since November 1, 2018 we have a partnership with InToSoft.

Thanks to their services, we can keep our customers even better informed about Throdi, and even more satisfying the wishes of the hoteliers.

Who is InToSoft:


A receptionist in your pocket

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Anyone who runs a hotel will no longer have enough of a website alone. The train of digitization has reached a next stop: that of the apps. The Belgian hotelapp Throdi helps hoteliers win a place on the smartphone of their customers.


Since a city trip to Paris, Pascal Hochedé is captivated by hotel apps. “We were able to order room service via the app and found all the information, such as breakfast hours and the wifi password, which I wanted for my own hotel in Knokke.” The only problem for the hotelier was that the use of the Paris app would cost him € 18,000. He decided to tackle it differently. “At the school gate I got to know the game developer Tim Van der Moer”, says Hochedé. “He introduced me to his Polish partner, and not much later we had the company Horeca Club Sp.zoo, which is a Polish company form for the nv.”

Three years later, the trio invested 240,000 euros and their Throdi app is ready. The Belgian-Polish company is now on the verge of conquest. It wants to connect as many Belgian hotels as possible as quickly as possible. According to Horeca Vlaanderen, there are already hoteliers who would like to offer the app to their customers. Francis Bosschem, the owner of Hotel Louisa in Ostend and chairman of the coastal hotels, is still interested. “People live today with their smartphones,” Bosschem realizes. “People book a hotel more and more online, demanding fast service, easy and simple operation and a clear confirmation of their booking.” The of this world already offer that. But for a hotelier it is also interesting to offer the same via his own website and with his own app. ”

Not too expensive  

Such hotel apps seem to us to be particularly interesting to automatically inform guests about the booking, the restaurants, the city in which they reside, activities, room service, explains Francis Bosschem: “Apps become an important communication channel with and for customers. not too high for the hotelier. ” Throdi is now responding to that. “A hotel pays 2.75 to 5 euros per room per month,” says Hochedé. “This makes us the cheapest app, but we are also the most extensive in our segment: guests can arrange their booking through the app, order a coffee, read the paper, consult information about the region, open their room door, or even play a song in the lounge of the hotel. ”

Expertise about the needs and requirements of a hotelier, Hochedé gets out of his own life. Together with his wife, he runs Hotel Les Arcades in Knokke-Heist, a hotel with thirteen rooms that has been changing from mother to daughter since 1932.He now combines his work for the hotel with his app company. “Now that the tourist season on the coast is over, I can go on the job,” says the entrepreneur. “Talk to hoteliers, sell the product and negotiate features that they want.” During those sales visits, Throdi must compete against apps that have already proven themselves internationally. Because hoteliers have plenty of choice.

For example, Mews is most like Throdi. It integrates many services from 6.99 euros per room per month. Another competitor is Handy Travel. That is not an app, but a smartphone per room, which offers hotel guests a few services and for which the hotelier pays at least 1 dollar per room per day. The third competitor is Hotelogix Mobile Hotel, an app that focuses on managing a hotel. With the smartphone you send the cleaning service from 5.39 dollars per month per room, place your rooms on booking platforms and check guests in and out. The Dutch Guest Convenience app allows hoteliers to build their own app. He or she fills in photos, facilities, activities and so on. From 17.5 euros per month, up to 24 accommodations. Conichi finally arranges the reservation, checking in and out, paying, the room key and more in more than 400 hotels. Nice is that the reception gives a picture of the guest. The price is not known.

So there are quite a few hijackers on the coast, although the rise of apps in the hotel industry may also be in favor of the little Throdi. Hoteliers realize that they now have to jump on the digital train. “The first month after the launch of Throdi in October, seven hotels have signed up, going from a hotel with ten rooms to a hotel with 265 rooms”, says Hochedé. “If we have ten hotels by the end of 2018, we are satisfied.”

It is noteworthy that Hochedé does not immediately strive for profit. “I think it would be fantastic if we recoup our costs, Hochedé looks at it day by day.” We see that things are going in the right direction. On LinkedIn we reached 20,000 clicks in a short time. Hoteliers contact me for more information and at the end of December I speak for hoteliers in Knokke. ”

Five indispensable functions for a hotel app  

What does a hotelier ask of an app? In particular, it must fulfill five important functions.

  1. A good hotel app can be adapted to your hotel via a user-friendly system on the computer.This way the hotelier makes the app as personal as your reception.
  2. Guests can order extra services more easily, a drink at the bar, room service, a table in the restaurant, … That can increase sales.
  3. The hotelier wants to be able to inform guests via the app about the hotel, the services, planned activities, the map of the city and events in the area.Their smartphone becomes a receptionist in their pocket.
  4. An app must make the manual follow-up of administration and logistical matters superfluous.Done with waiting at the counter to check in or out, emails to confirm the reservation, a key for the hotel room, the telephone for room service, a newspaper in the lobby, brochures and hiking maps.
  5. An efficient system collects data about the preferences and habits of the customers.This way the hotelier knows quickly which activities are popular, when which rooms are best cleaned, on which days he has to have extra waiters in the restaurant and so on.



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