The automation of the guest experience.


Digital guest communication is the key to counteracting staff shortages, relieving the workload of employees and meeting guests’ expectations along the entire Guest Journey. A hotelier may wonder what digital solution benefits their business and how it can be integrated in a useful way.

Who are your hotel guests and what are their needs and expectations?

Communicate with your guest prior to their arrival with an automatic message. Answer the most frequently asked questions and provide useful information about your hotel and the area. This service must be essential for every hotelier who wants to increase his guest satisfaction in the long term. In addition, such personalized pre-stay emails are a useful tool to increase your income by offering a higher room category, booking a wellness or offering a table in the restaurant. Collect all relevant data for the registration form. This reduces effort for employees and reduces waiting times at the reception.

The ideal solution is a hotel app that can combine various functions

For the hotel guest: 

He only needs one application to be downloaded and not each time for each hotel, service, service another app. to download.

Throdi makes it easy, always with all the info at hand.

Automatic WiFi connection:

Throdi makes it easy for the hotel guest, no longer has to search for or ask for WiFi, right from the login. The Throdi mobile app receives all Wi-Fi networks when the hotel guest opens them, saves the Wi-Fi networks and automatically connects to the Wi-Fi network that is close to the hotel guest’s device. Mobile app removes WiFi network data from guest device after checking out.

Chat function:

With the Throdi chat function, the reception can receive messages from the checked-in guests who respond.

After the check-out, Throdi allows the chat function to send newsletters or eg arrangements to the ex-hotel guests.

For the hotelier: 

No need for individual development, only one application that can be adapted to his own house style. This also makes it accessible for small entities.

Cost saving:

Reduction in the number of dashboards, subscriptions, printing costs, etc.

Integrated housekeeping management software:

Is the best solution to improve the efficiency of your team, to save time and costs. Our system is the digital glue that makes real teamwork possible, eliminates communication errors and guarantees that no task or memory is forgotten. Aside from the cost savings, it allows you to improve guest satisfaction. Our system contains built-in workflows that make daily activities, communication between departments and PMS communication simple and in real time!

It helps to pay attention to details, among guests, and to meet their needs. We make it easy to meet the expectations that guests have prior to arrival. Our system will automate, track and audit the countless details, so that you maintain the standards.

What does this mean:

The Throdi (THe ROom DIrectory) application that is managed by an online software dashboard and linked to the housekeeping software.

1 Connect to the PMS (2-way connection)

– bidirectional connection, if the PMS allows it, ensures real-time data exchange

– both link with cloud based and via FIAS protocol with sandbox

2 Pre-stay email and communication before the guest arrives at the hotel.

– email is sent with unique login

– Have reservation data checked and change the encrypted email to the personal email

– requesting the necessary info, helps the reception of administrative tasks

3 The new generation of up-selling per app

– up-selling of all services, extras, reservations, …

4 Instay by Throdi app on guest Smartphone

– no purchase of any device required

– Mobile app will receive all wifi networks when Guest open it, store wifi networks and connect to wifi network which is close located to Guest’s device automatically. Mobile app will remove wifi networks data from Guest device after check out.

5 Services in the room, hotel

– integration of door opening systems, home automation, etc.

– hotel guest has all the necessary info, services and account statement on his Smartphone

– direct contact between reception and customer via CHAT

6 Check out online

7 After Stay

– encourages direct booking

– stay in direct contact with your customer

8 What does it cost (ex: hotel of 25 rooms with average room rate of 165 €)

– by growing up-sell sales by 0.37% of your sales, the hire of the application is recouped

– or through the stimulation of direct booking, you can earn back from 8 direct bookings per month

– fixed rent per month, per room, no activation or entry costs

9 Applicatie and Smart TV: (coming soon in development)

– Watch TV through a Zapper Interface

– EPG online TV guide

– Link with Guest Mobile device

– Support for embeded apps, such as Netflix, Youtube, etc


Pascal Hochedé is Ceo, founder of Throdi Sp.z o.o. and hotelier. Developing the Throdi application for 4 years. The Throdi application enables automated communication throughout the customer journey to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, optimize processes and maximize revenue. Throdi, which displays all services and necessary information, removes annoying questions at the reception that are repeated every time.

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