Update throdi “What’s new!”

What’s new in the Throdi application:


The elevator notification : The hotelier can communicate a message like he shows it in the elevator to communicate with the guest of the hotel and it appears on the full screen.


Newspapers and magazines : the hotelier can offer his existing subscriptions digitally in a way that every hotel guest can read at any time.


On the way : the hotelier offers routes to his customers, such as cycling, walking, with inline skates, the motorcycle, on horseback ….


E-Shop : with this integrated webshop you can let your customers buy (regional) products through the channels they already visit today.


Languages : the application takes over the language set on the phone, the user no longer has to set the language himself.


Since November 1, 2018 we have a partnership with InToSoft.

Thanks to their services, we can keep our customers even better informed about Throdi, and even more satisfying the wishes of the hoteliers.

Who is InToSoft:


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